Maxflow 3060VPL

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Maxflow 3060VPL

   with Thor's Hammer™

One very satisfied customer recently told us:

"I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how satisfied I am with your product. It was very easy to install and I have been able to use it in several storms. It has worked flawlessly. You have a great product here, and I will be recomending it to others in the industry as they need to replace their factory controllers. I wish I had started looking for them sooner as I would have purchased one before now. Again, thank you for a great product." 

-- Dennis

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  This is a variable speed controller for a 12V direct-drive aggregate spreader featuring Blast, Vibrate, and Pause functions. Maxflow's exclusive anti-jam technology automatically blasts 60+ Amp pulses 15,000 times a second if a jam is detected. The Spreader Savr™ (pause) feature allows you to avoid wasting material without disrupting your current settings.


  • Variable Speed Control
  • Blast Button - Large and illuminated
  • Pause Switch - Spreader Savr™
  • Vibe Switch - Smart Vibrator™ Algorithm
  • Ignition Sense - Ignition ON required
  • Thor's Hammer™ (Anti-Jam Algorithm)
  • Smart Motor™ Control -- Calibrate the starting speed setting
  • Spinner Motor Drive - 30 Amps
  • Warning LED Flashers: Automatic activation
  • LED Indicators:
    • PAUSE/VIB (Yellow) - See at a glance when vibrate or Spreader Savr™ is active
    • POWER (Green) - Know when the unit is ready to run
    • STATUS (Red) - Total Health™ makes troubleshooting fast and easy

Blast Function

Thor's Hammer™ Anti-Jam

  The Blast function saves you time and effort, which can also translate into savings on fuel. When you enter an area that needs a little extra salt, such as an intersection or a heavy patch of ice, press and hold the Blast button to run the unit at full power without changing your speed setting.

Simply release the button when you're done, and the Maxflow returns to your current running speed.

Winter weather is hard on your truck, and your job is to be out in the worst of it. Sooner or later, your salt spreader is going to jam up. How do you break your spreader loose?

Thor's Hammer™ is how! The Maxflow 3060VPL automatically detects when a jam may be occuring, and uses Thor's Hammer™ to rapidly pulse a hammer of power through your salt spreader, helping it to break free.

Total Health™ System Supervisory Monitor

  • Low voltage shut down
  • Over temperature shut down
  • Over current fold back
  • Over voltage shut down (16VDC)
  • Safety ignition enable
  • Locked rotor detection

Product Comparison Chart

  SnowEx Tailgate Karrier Omega 1030 Maxflow 3060VPL
Adjustable Mounting Bracket, Mounts Over OR Under Dash     X
Variable Speed X X X
Large Illuminated BLAST Button X X X
Quick-Read Status LEDs X X X
Blast / Standard Operating Current N/A 60A + / 30A + 60A + / 30A +
Hard Start   X X
Vibrator Control Optional   X
Thor's Hammer™ (Automatic Anti-Jam)     X
Spreader Savr™ Pause Function     X
Total Health™ System Monitor     X
Automatic Warning Flasher Activation     X
Low-End Speed Adjust     X

Compatible: Most Single-Motor Direct- and Chain-Drive 12V Systems

  • Western
  • Meyers
  • Trynex
  • Snow Ex
  • Fisher
  • Curtis
  • Lehigh Valley
  • Buyers
    • TGS01
    • TG01A
    • TG01B
    • TGS05
    • TGS05A
    • TGS05B

Drives These and Other 12V Permanent Magnet Motors

  • Fisher & Western
    • 301220182H
    • 022-064953-7-022
    • 054-94-1242-0434
    • 05494124204345061
    • 06961678
    • 069616787209
    • 107974490221
    • 1220182
    • 1220182H
    • 1409019
    • 3012200182
    • 3012201820
    • 301220182H
    • 3D-1220182H
    • 3D1220182
    • 3D12201828
    • 64953
    • 65061
    • 65416
    • 801220182H
    • F9524
    • F9524A
    • W-8815, W-8805
  • Meyers
    • B422340X6329 0203500 26232A
    • 36218
    • 4854420-M048HM
    • 4854440
  • Johnson
    • 4854440
    • HM02223
    • HM4854420
  • United Tech
    • 4854420-M048HM
    • 4854440
    • HM02223
  • EMS
    • 82-7859
  • Other Motors
    • PR2-0075N
    • 690-060
    • 0462800108
    • 9107
    • 36218
    • 0202000
    • 430-21001

Maxflow 3060VPL Frequently Asked Questions
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